Bespoke jewelry for the sexy bohemian with an island lifestyle... Handmade with love in Southern California.  Wearing Shel. Couture is about evoking the goddess inside.  To wear Shel. is to wear love and make change, and look hot while doing it.  

What is Project Coral?

For years designers have been producing jewelry using coral from the ocean.  For some time, Shel. Couture used real coral in our designs as well.  After much education on coral, Shel. Couture has made the "no more coral" pledge.  Keeping with our style, we have created  sexy bohemian ocean-friendly coral designs using high end materials and finishes.  We are so excited to introduce the Gold Coral Necklace with a touch of turquoise.  More colors, styles, and finishes to come in future seasons, as we are super excited to grow our coral collection!  For each Coral necklace sold, Shel. Couture will donate a portion of their profit to the Coral Restoration Foundation in the Florida Keys.  You can certainly join other environmental philanthropists and go to and donate independently, but why not raise awareness in your daily fashion for an even bigger contribution to making change for generations to come?