Shel. Couture, a bohème-infused bespoke jewelry brand, was founded in 2007 by San Diego Interior Designer Shelly Duke.  Shelly studied interior design at Texas Tech University, which is where she learned to develop her eye for proportion, scale and materials.  Shel.’s collection continues to evolve using gold and water tones, always inspired by the California and island lifestyle.  Shel. Couture evokes the wild tribal bohemian spirit, counterbalanced by a sweet softness and love inherently in all of us, man and woman.  Shel. continues to be inspired by people and their huge hearts, passion for change, and knowledge.  There's just so much love out there, and so many pure authentic people.  Shel. Couture is about bringing that energy together.  

Shel.’s talented team of craftsmen and artists can be seen in each delicate, hand-made piece.  Wearing Shel. Couture is about expressing a beautiful soul, and exuding luminous strength and radiant love.  While playing on the beaches from the Hawaiian Islands to St. Barths, or attending a glitzy Parisian soirée, Shel. Couture offers statement pieces that can be worn for any bohemian's journey.  Namaste.