Holy Harvest... Slow down... Or don’t...


The act or process of gathering a crop that ripens in a season.  

The fall and October in particular have such historical and agricultural symbolism and beauty.  It’s absolutely my favorite time of year.  Unless it’s summer, and then I just can’t decide.  I feel this huge connection with October, and I always have.  Maybe it’s because it’s not November.  I never really loved November, and maybe that was because Halloween was over, I didn’t like Turkey or Laura Ashley dresses, and it just wasn’t quite Christmas yet.  Maybe I should just get back to the point that October’s amazing, and it’s been a beautiful month already...  It’s full of fall festivals, Halloween (my favorite holiday) and of course, most importantly, time for the harvest and not just literally.  We harvest the fruits of our own bodies and emotions all of the time, but I believe it’s extra special and powerful during October...  Our souls pick up the beautiful energy of the harvest all around us.  The apple picking, the grapes....   The shift of the energy this time of year really hit me last weekend when Travis and I were driving high up the hill in Napa Valley to watch the sunset...  In fact, this shift has been hitting me in the face all month.  Our family and friends lost two very special people as they transitioned, my parents lost another dog, my mama finished chemo. and is now on a vibrant path of healing after the beautiful journey she has conquered and topped off with her moving meditation, I am so proud of her and I can’t say it enough.    What a month if you just look at the strength in all of that.  But there’s so much more.  All good.  It’s all good, it’s all beautiful, and it’s all perfect and as it should be.  

When this time for harvest comes, so do the ideas and the progress.  I mean that’s why they call it a harvest right?  Well holy harvest, I’m harvesting.  I have been struggling with focusing, which has always been one of my weaknesses.   It’s just that so much keeps happening, and I have so many ideas...  But then it came to me.  Shouldn’t you be stoked you’re this busy and consumed with ideas?  So I decided...  Do it all.  Chill out, be stoked for your holy harvest and get focused and don’t stop.  So that’s what I’m doing.  Over the next few months, I’m completely updating the Shel. website, planning holiday trunk shows, and developing a full bridal collection for spring/summer 2012.  I’m also dabbling with the metal-smith world, and working on collaborating with Matrix Design on some custom lighting.  Stoked.  We’ve always wanted to do our own lighting line.  So tonight, I have a date with my new planishing hammer, my mandrel, and, my sister, Lauren Williams (local San Diego Architect and Partner at Matrix Design) in her garage.  

Namaste sweet October.