Shel.'s New Glamorous Holiday Rings...

Check out the new sparkly bling from Shel. Jewelry!  Light Blue Topaz, Polished Turquoise, Green Agate & Smokey Topaz, I am in LOVE with each of these rings...  I want them all!!!!!  Combine precious or semi-precious stones with pave diamonds and you are drooling.  White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum:  you can get them in any color...  We're also getting Onyx and more turquoise!!!!  Gorgeous!!!   

I've collaborated with my jeweler in LA, by hand picking and customizing these precious jewels for the holidays...  These rings are the perfect bling for this years cocktail parties, New Years, Christmas, and are absolutely appropriate for engagement rings!!!  Add pave diamonds to the band, and even a pave band below!

We just sold the Smokey Topaz Ring as a custom order in Yellow Gold last week...  The clients husband bought it for her with a simple matching band for her Thirtieth birthday, and he had us engrave "Thirty" inside each ring.  How creative!!!  I wonder what she'll get for her 40th!  

Cushion Faceted Light Blue Topaz with Pave Diamonds in 14KT White Gold

Oval Polished Turquoise & Diamonds in White Gold

Oval Faceted Green Agate & Pave Diamonds in 14KT Yellow Gold

Round Faceted Smokey Topaz & Pave Diamonds in 14KT Rose Gold