A Dream Come True...

I have always wanted my own boutique, what girl hasn’t?  And last weekend, my dream came true, well at least for two days it did.  How does one do this you say?  Most importantly, you get to be an artist at the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival.  Check.  Second, you get amazing friends and family to help you make it happen, and you work hard!  For a month I planned and prepared my space and made jewelry in hyper-speed.  First, I turned a yellow hutch into a fresh crisp white, with a light blue interior to light the 22 karat gold champagne glasses which I used to display jewels.  My Nana is probably rolling in her grave, sorry nana, but they are too fabulous not to play with.  I also hand painted my grandma’s vintage dresser a ballet slipper pink; it now looks amazing in my bedroom!  Yay me.  I used a frenchy iron and crystal chandelier for ambiance, and I don’t see how I could ever part with it, it’s beautiful.  Thanks to Nico, my sweet friend, for shopping for me all week, and spending countless hours dying a recycled silk wedding dress with organic hibiscus tea.  Well done Nico!!!  

I brought along my inherited Don Quixote, a great conversation piece, and draped my Hematite Hindu Bead Necklaces from him.  - Sold by the way, not Don, I could not let him go, ever, he’s too chivalrous.  Amazing how many men knew who Don Quixote was...  We hung cream linen panels which blew in the wind, and thick linen drapes at the entrance tied back with heavy rope, and laid a huge jute rug for the floor.  My very close friend Randy Compton, fellow San Diego business owner of KOI & Monica’s at the Park, was kind enough to lend me his antique carved silk upholstered boudoir chairs, and they were absolutely the creme de la creme, the icing on the cake!  Thanks Randy, those were very difficult to return, it took everything I had.  Really.  Sometimes I fall asleep thinking about them.  

How did we get all of these things there, you’re probably wondering...?  Travis picked up the Uhaul on Friday, while I was still finishing jewelry, and we loaded and unloaded the space, worked all weekend, and then loaded and unloaded again on Sunday night.... Only to wake up at 4:30 am on Monday to get him to the airport for his morning meetings in San Francisco.  Seriously?  I think he likes me.  Oh, and after an exhausting yet exemplary day on Saturday, he took me for wine, mussels, & pomme frites at Bo Beau, my favorite restaurant in San Diego.  :)  

In conclusion, the event went off without a hitch, and I got to see so many people, even prior design clients that I hadn’t seen in years.  I grew my client base tremendously, got  to test the market for precious jewelry which I am now carrying, and have developed a name for myself as a local stylist.  Thank you to the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival, and all of the wonderful people who put it together and to all of the volunteers who scurried around all weekend so willingly.  Feels good to be a part of something that helps the local community, it’s schools, and it’s kids.    

Oh, one more thing... Everyone keeps asking, "When will Shel. have a boutique?"  Or "Where is your store"? Give me time my sweet peeps, patience...  Alot is in the works...  Love is in the air.