high on pink...

what are YOU wearing this summer? so i'm on a pink high... you see, the highs fluctuate throughout the year...  for example, i just went through the everything turquoise high, but of course that one never reallllllllly goes away... 

this sweet pink coral necklace is my biggest seller this year in southern california.  wear it with a white strapless number and some tight jeans... ooooo la la.  your next question...?  are there earrings?  duh.  posting soon..

pink coral Undyed, natural

Blue Opal, Citrine, & Chrysophrase Details

chinese turquoise &

aquamarine swarovski crystal 

Wrap Necklaces (available in pink of course) 


rose quartz 

Drop Earrings

cape amethyst

Necklace with Hammered Oval Chain Detail (available in pink of course) 

rose quartz hindu mala

Chinese Turquoise Detail