J’adore des bijoux…

Je parle un peu français, but for those of you who don’t speak French at all, J’adore des bijoux means, “I adore jewelry” en francais... This month I created custom one of a kind jewels for one of my favorite clients who just left for the yacht… to the French Riviera...

A few weeks ago, my client asked for an entire collection...  Plumes for her ears, plumes for her hair, gold and more gold, belly chain after belly chain and crystals galore!  I was a little worried about time since I was traveling half of the month, and since I myself stepped off a plane from the East coast hours before her flight left for France…  I landed, booked it to Rancho Santa Fe, and she literally walked out for her flight minutes after we finished her fitting!  I thought it was tres impossible!  Mai non, we finished just in time for me to wish her bon voyage!  Ah hah, yet another French plug, genius. 

So the aftershock of creating such a ridiculously awesome collection that I selfishly wanted to keep… I imagine it feels something like sending your firstborn child off to college.  I know.  I shouldn’t have said that out loud about something so material.  But I miss the jewels…  I feel lonely without them.  I’m envisioning her with the sun on her skin, salt air on her face, the sparkling water infinitely around the crisp white boat… headed to Manaco, Nice, Cannes, Grasse, St. Tropez…  and she’s wearing my jewels!!! 

Oh dear what am I thinking?… now I’m smiling, and not so jealous!  She’s wearing shel. jewels!  Ok.  That’s pretty sweet. 

Oh!  I almost forgot, my favorite part of my job… Connecting with my clients and making them feel beautiful, right?  So while we were giggling about life and fitting her for her belly chains on her tiny little belly, she stopped me and said, “Shelly, I want you to know how much I appreciate you, I know how hard you worked to finish this, and I want you to know that I love you.  I love you as a person, and I love you as a designer, thank you so much.”      

So for privacy’s sake, let’s call her Frenchy…  Dear Frenchy:   I just want to thank you for being so sweet and appreciative as always, and for trusting me and allowing me the opportunity to run with my creative self whenever I design for you!!!  Je t'aime aussi! 

Au revoir mon ami!