Coral... Find it with Love...

The hues of this polished miraculous sea creature are absolutely phenomenal Coral has every shade of pink to white, red, orange, even black and purple It has been used for jewelry and talismans since 3,000 BC, and is known for its healing powers and cleansing of the blood.

Picture it A goddess of a woman adorned in a coral necklace and white gown Stunning, right? Next picture... a woman stands naked at the top of a skyscraper in a real fur coat for a sexy photoshoot, very sexy, right? This leads to my big shel. question Is this love? That s certainly up for each of us to decide, because that s what we do. We decide what is beautiful, and what love means to us, as we pave the way for the next generation. That's how I see it anyway.

As a business owner, you have to start asking yourself these questions, or not. How do I want to present myself and what do I want to stand for? It s up to me to decide what is ethically, environmentally, and socially responsible. And do I want to tackle ALL of this? Whoa, your head could explode from the research and the red tape. What a list. How exhausting! I just want to wear my bikini & coral necklace in the Bahamas while I drink my dark and stormys and I watch my tan lover surf, sorry tangent! But seriously, I care about the ocean, so I need to know more answers about where the coral I m sourcing is coming from. How can I be sure it is found with love? My sources tell me their pitch that it s "highly regulated and they are required to have fish and wildlife permits to import coral". They also tell me it s coming from Italy, but sold in Taiwan. Italy to Taiwan, to Los Angeles, to me? Already this doesn t sound good. And how about the coral itself? How do I find out how it s harvested and how is the rest of the ocean being affected?

I have spent the past four hours researching, emailing, and calling different organizations such as Coral, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and other environmentalist groups in Egypt, Key West, and Italy.

My goal is not to stop making coral jewelry... intention is simply to find a better way. Not that my sources are bad people or dishonest, but what if? Shouldn t we ask, and keep asking until we have a solid answer? Through this process, I hope to find coral with love. Maybe it can only be recycled coral, or dead coral. That s fine, I m an artist, I can work with that. I have already found some fabulous ideas and coral sources for things I haven t even seen before, and I can t wait to share them with my clients...

I would absolutely love to put an oceanic purpose behind shel. . Maybe for every coral necklace purchased, more coral is planted with funding from shel. & its consumers. Something to that effect Those who know me, know that I have always been inspired by responsible being in general and animal rights. So for those of you who are highly educated in the realm of coral life and all things ocean, please forgive my ignorance on the subject, I am learning. I really do want to make a difference, one with love.

Someone very special to me prefaces all of his profound or not so profound statements with: It s one of those things where (followed by profound statement) So I ll leave you with this: It s one of those things where: you just have to know.