All about making a difference…

This past weekend I packed up my Jeep full of my latest bling, with all of my bottles clinging in the backseat as I headed to the Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort & Spa for my trunk show.  AesthetyX was waiting for me, and I was waiting for AesthetyX.  I was unsure of what to expect...  When you plan trunk shows, they can be hit or miss, so you have to keep an open mind.  In addition, when you plan an entire weekend trip and trunk show to another town, you might say to yourself, ”am I in over my head as I embark on this journey to a new territory when I already have a good thing going in San Diego?"

Well, I told myself to follow my intuition…  And that is exactly what I did.  Not only was the trunk show a huge success for business, AesthetyX won me over in so many ways.  The second I arrived there was a lovely bride in the lobby with her photographer, and already I was inspired...  Upon entering the boutique, I was warmly greeted by Nicole, a petite little gypsy of a woman who was full of surprises…  We spent the evening enjoying wine & tapas, getting to know the guests of the hotel, and of course, selling jewelry.  It was a blast.  Every person who stepped into the store was from somewhere new:  London, Michigan, New Zealand, Germany, Iran…  You just never knew who you were going to meet… 

So why did I feel like this weekend made a difference for me?  Aside from the beautiful hotel room, and the wonderful hospitality, AesthetyX is just absolutely that cool.  Not only are the sales associates enthusiastic about their inventory, but the inventory speaks for itself, you can’t help but love it.  Seriously, a vegan lead-free purse, who wouldn’t want that?  I was texting photos to my mom on the East Coast, and to my sister in San Diego.  Judy and Charles Compton, the owners & very particular buyers of this gem of a boutique, focus on goods that actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  We’re talking handmade, local, free trade, socially responsible, environmentally responsible, the list goes on. 

Check some of these out:     

Project Isuga:  For every scarf purchased, Project Isuga feeds one school child for one day in Africa.

Emberarts Jewelry:  Each piece is handmade in Uganda, East Africa, where 27 women are transforming their lives and families with the creation and sale of these recycled paper jewels.

One World Projects Soapstone:  Carving out a Living in Kenya.

So why is this on my blog?  Because AesthetyX is cool, and I’m inspired.  This connects with my last posting about the coral.. .  I’m on to something big… I’ll keep you posted...  Please contact me with any ideas via email,

Thanks AesthetyX for setting a standard, and inspiring me as shel. develops to its full potential.