Sweet Rose + Cute Tushies

rose swim collection 2011 from rose ponizil on Vimeo.

Video by Cameron Holland, and you'll see shel. jewelry Ganesh Ring and Tassle Earrings!  

A few weekends ago, it was on the side of the road, that I met Rose Ponizil, a funky, hip, green eyed beauty, not of this time.  Rose is the fabulous founder, artist, and designer at Recycled Swimwear by Rose.  I didn't literally "meet" her on the side of the road.  We sort of had this plan to meet near her house in Encinitas, and on my way up North, I accidentally just kept driving past my exit in la la land, funny, I'm never in la la land. You see, Rose had a Recycled Swimwear shoot the next day, and had asked for some specific pieces from shel...  She was kind enough to drive North to meet me so I didn't have to turn around as I was bookin' it to Huntington Beach...  With country music blaring in my car, I'm standing in my bell bottoms jeans with a hanger of jewels in my hand.  We promptly exchanged jewels and salutations, and I picked my collection up the next day, just in time to see the end of the shoot!  It was pretty rad seeing the lovely ladies strutting around in Rose's bikinis and shel. jewelry!  

Hence the super sassy video of the shoot... You can see the girls in Ganesh rings, and shel's looooong gold tassle earrings.  Pictures are coming soon, but that will be another post!    

Rose and I are collaborating this week on some of her new lingerie and bikinis for a shel. beach photoshoot coming up in a week!  Stoked to be working with Rose, who I was lucky to meet after a mutual friend introduced us on facebook!  By the way, I love this video.  Only in California.  I love it, I love it, I love it!  How cute are their Tushies!!!????  Ummmmm cute.  Nice job on the video Cameron Holland, lovely ladies, and of course, Sweet Rose!!!  Peace out.