La Playa Bling...

Zack Gemmell Photography ©, Shel Jewelry © , Recycled Swimwear by Rose © Copywright 2011

Saturday’s Shel. Jewelry Fall 2011 beach Photoshoot was a HUGE success!  We started at one pm, and we were done by sunset, and none of us wanted it to be over!!!  Now remember, I’ve styled models before, I’ve even pretended to be a model myself, aaaaaaand I’ve been around alot of photoshoots... So I’ve dabbled lightly...  But nothing, absolutely nothing, can prepare you for developing and carrying out your own shoot.  Juggling models, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, assistants, the tide, the sun, the wind, food, water, beer, props, time, the shoot itself, and last but not least, creating a full collection of jewelry by hand.  Whoa.

Cool thing is, we did it.  Key word, WE.  When I found the heads up penny on the ground that afternoon, I picked it up, shouting, “look what I found!”  Everyone’s scurrying around, and I’m freaking out about my penny.  I placed it in front of my buddha, and said thanks to the universe.  The sun came out for the first time in days, and I knew things were going to go swimmingly...  

I knew the shoot had to be on the beach, bohemian, classic, sexy, playful, and glamorous, all at once.  Each model had such a different look, and they absolutely nailed it.  We had our pick of swimwear and lingerie from the fabulous Rose of Recycled Swimwear, and we couldn’t have completed the look without her generosity!  Thanks Rose!  Laying everything out and planning the ensembles was a blast, with one of my best friends and occasional business partners by my side, the amazing stylish Farra Miron.  Thanks Farra, everyone so appreciated you!!!  I’m telling you, this girl keeps me focused.  “Shelly, stand right here and don’t move until you finish putting ear hooks on these earrings!!!”  It reminds me of being in trouble when we get going, but she knows that’s exactly what I need.  I couldn’t have done it without her!  Once the models were in their loot, all sexy and shimmery compliments of Rose Burgos Makeup Artistry and Hair Stylist Hali Alys Pekras, I seriously wanted to cry, they looked like goddesses!  It’s silly to cry over pretty models or material things like jewelry, but when you plan something so intense, and you use your passion and creativity, and amazing friends help you pull it all together, it’s just the coolest feeling ever.  Well, not as cool as rescuing a homeless, dog, which makes me cry too, but you know what I mean, it’s just cool.  

Stoked for the new website, can’t wait to share it with everyone!  Sooooo much work to do!    

Special thanks to Zack Gemmell, our fabulous photographer, and is hilarious and loveable sidekick, Alex Gemmell!  Ya’ll were professional, and soooo sweet!  Love you!  

Thanks to Tina, owner of Tina Marie & Co. for sharing your beautiful pink striped frenchy chair for the shoot!  ;)