Shel. Jewelry at JETT Gallery with Fred Gemmell

Amongst twinkling candles and Fred Gemmell's vibrant paintings inspired by the rainforests of Panama, Shel. Jewelry hung from Wooden vases, Glass bottles, & floated in the air.  Hindu Mala Prayer Beads were draped over branches & sand and precious rings were nestled like treasures in a dried palm.  

Sweet Confectioner Rheanna McKinzie so lovingly handed out her Rosewater Pistachio Vegan goodness, while wearing Shel.'s Onyx & Turquoise Geisha Earrings.  Special thanks to Diane Capetta Nares with BANFI for so generously donating wine for the event.  10% of Shel. Jewelry & Fred Gemmell's profit was donated to the Emilio Nares Foundation.        

Huge thank you to the sweet & lovely Stylist & Model Tiana Martin Gascon, with Tina Marie & Co.. Thank you to Alexandra Evans & Laudan Khotanzad for modeling Shel. all evening!  And last but not least, so greatful for Nico Gemmell & Hayley Wilson with Gemmell Studio for handling all of the PR & set up for the entire event, you two worked so hard!           









Photography by Zack Gemmell & Travis Duke