2012... LOVE...

Check out my clients collage for her Mexico Renewal in March!  

She just purchased the Mother of Pearl Earrings & Necklace set on Etsy! 

I always love making jewelry, but my favorite is when it’s for LOVE.  I had numerous surprise orders for the holidays from husbands, fiancés, boyfriends, fathers, mamas, sisters, and friends...  So awesome to see dads buy and design for their daughters, it is without a doubt, one of the sweetest things.  I had one couple arguing over which stones were more appropriate for which daughter, since they were surprising the girls with a San Diego local artist Christmas gift, and were visiting all the way from Switzerland.  After much banter, and a little shelly guidance, they looked so pleased with their choices.  Love that!   

And then there’s the bride…  I have an Etsy client who is doing a vow renewal ceremony in Mexico (her inspiration page is shown above)…  She has been looking at my mother of pearl set from my shel. website for the past year.  She has put so much thought into every detail, and it’s all based on her love story and their style...  Now……  Not only does she get another honeymoon, but she gets to wear a wedding gown again!  Come on, that’s romantic.  I love being a part of the romance!!!  So inspired for my new Bridal Collection for Summer 2012. 

This new year, is LOVE.  “We have everything we need, because we have each other”, written on a card I have showing two sparrows on colorful branches with a heart between them.   Significance?  It really is ALL we need.  With the exception of chai lattes, dogs, babies, yoga, veggies, and a best friend, I really need those.