Pinterest.. What's all the fuss about?

So you know those days where you can't go fast enough, and you wish there were three of you?  That's today.. Well, for me that's alot of days, but extra today..  On top of my To Do's, everyone's been playing on Pinterest for hours and hours, and I have found myself perplexed at the time it takes..  Don't these people have jobs? How do they have time to play like this?  I've grown jealous, and I too have wanted to come out and play!!!!  I want to make boards!  I want to pin and repin!!!!  It's addicting!  How could I possibly make this profitable time for my business?  

Ok, fine.. Maybe I'm a little slow.. What?  I was concerned with online ettiquette.. Photographers, designers, models, saying, "Hey, you have my photo, not cool!"  But then I noticed a little icon next to the fabulous photo that allowed me to "embed photo to your blog"!  Naturally, I got pin happy and started getting serious!  These are a few of the inspiration photos I fell in love with..  Who wouldn't?    

1.  What girl doesn't want a sparkly number like this?  I do.  I do.  

2.  Let's go sailing.  Yes, please.  

3.  Did you see the high waisted shorts?  In Love.  



As you become a blogger.. I guess I'm a blogger.. Hmmm... Well, you just have no idea what you're doing. Nobody taught me, I just started and keep learning as I go.  So I see Pinterest as an opportunity to find and share my inspiration, and also realized I could pin my own work from my websites!  So cool!  I already see my things being repinned!  

These photos are my inspiration for my own style, as well as shel. jewelry's future photoshoots and jewelry collections!  So thank you Pinterest!  Thank you for the fabulous new portal to more inspiration!