REEF Photoshoot... from Cali to Australia...

It's not everyday that you get to go out on the ocean for a REEF photoshoot.. And I don’t mean the fabulous underwater coral creatures, I mean REEF, the rad men’s & women’s surf clothing company and pro surf sponsors!  

We set out for surf passing dolphins along the way, on the beautiful Teak Lady, a 1961 wooden sea beauty, with pro surfers Catherine Clark & Alana Blanchard, stylist Kira Sheppard, and art director for REEF, Mark Tesi to name a few… Oh, and of course the fabulous famous pro sailor Willem Van Waay, my sweet friend and REEF liason..

shots i got from my camera during the shoot.. ;) Model:  Cailin Russo

This seriously was one of the most fun days ever for shel. jewelry.  Kira Sheppard, prior pro surfer, and now stylist for REEF, organized her loot for the shoot in the cabin... I joined Kira and we went through the shel. jewelry hangers, and she picked some of my favorites like the hindu mala prayer beads in white howlite, big ganesh rings, and my gold loop pisces necklace with fire agate..  It was a combo surf and fashion shoot, and by some miraculous work of the jewelry gods, I got to be there!  Minus the sea sickness which was random for me...  But we won’t dwell on that part or the part where I met Alana Blanchard seconds after I had just told her I finished puking three times.  Yeah.  I did that.  Come on!  Really?!  I never meet anyone “famous” and I know it doesn’t really matter, but really?  I wanted to be one of the cool girls.  Nope.So back to the fun part when I came down to the cabin… this is where I met Catherine Clark, the green eyed buddha beauty.  She looked closely into my eyes and said, “oh my god, we have the same eyes”,  and she hugged me.  She told me that she was in love with the mala beads as she wrapped them around her tan little fingers and could feel the energy of them.  Well, whatever she felt, I loved it!  That little fishy is a mermaid right from the ocean, and she couldn’t be any sweeter.  Absolutely darling! 

So what now?  We wait… Hopefully some professional REEF shots will feature shel. jewelry one day..   Recently Kira took another collection of Shel. to Australia for a shoot last month for 2013… So we will see!  Regardless of what happens, the REEF team was a pleasure, and I got to hang with cool surfer chics. 

Thanks REEF for letting me be a part of your playtime, and Kira & Catherine, for being so full of LOVE!  And especially thanks Willem Van Waay & the Swagemakers (owners of Teak Lady) for an unforgettable day!    



 here's some shots from kira (san diego & australia preview)

Catherine Clark wearing shel. ganesh ring, right on right on!  ;)

Bruna Schmitz wearing solid gold shel. om necklace in australia.. 

shel. sunset necklace...  Model:  Cailin Russo