Mala Hindu Prayer Beads.  108 Hand tied Polished Jade Beads, with Amazonite Detail.  Amazonite is said to have healing powers, as does Jade.  Jade also attracts love and money with positive thinking.  14kt Gold Filled Wire & Clasp.  

Travis Duke Photography.  San Francisco, California 2011

MALA is sanskrit for Garland or Sacred Necklace. 

Someone very special said to me, "Shelly, open your heart to love".  Then he gently placed my mala hindu prayer beads in the palm of my hand and left me by the fire with my.... self.  I think everybody needs to feel these words and repeat them.  Apparently, I really needed to hear them.  What an intense moment of clarity, it was beautiful. 

Carry your mala beads anywhere you go.  They will help guide you to the divine, as they pave the road to enlightenment.  Here you will find peace and grounding.  Find your mantras, search for them.  There are clues and teachers everywhere around us.  I have lots of mantras, and they can change on an hourly basis, sounds silly, but so true.  

At this moment, I smile, "open your heart to love". 

open your heart to love.

open your heart to love.

open your heart to love.